Collectively you gave: €7,348,702

INSEAD received many generous gifts in the year that funded the creation and continuation of several scholarships. With these scholarships, INSEAD is better equipped to strengthen the talent and diversity of students in our degree programmes, increase the representation of women, and attract more top students from the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Scholarships for students have steadily risen in recent years

Students with scholarships


in 2012/2013


in 2016/2017

Leadership gifts led to the establishment of several named scholarships including the Henriette and Norbert Albin Endowed MBA Scholarship, the Dr. Samih Darwazah Endowed Scholarship, the Christoph Rubeli MBA’92D Endowed Scholarship, the Michael and Susan Pragnell Endowed Scholarship, the Wolfgang Schaefer Scholarship, the Piet and Wina Van Waeyenberge Endowed Scholarship and the Pot Family Foundation Scholarship.

Some classes chose to honour the memories of their classmates through establishing INSEAD scholarships in their names. Alumni also gathered around special scholarship projects. A key success was the establishment of the endowed merit-based scholarship for Swiss MBA candidates.

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Robin Hood Scholarship

The Robin Hood Scholarship Campaign continues as an INSEAD student tradition to raise funds for a scholarship for students in the following class. The classes of MBA’17J and MBA’17D achieved great results, both in terms of amounts raised and participation.

We would like to thank the Robin Hood Ambassadors for their active role in making the campaigns successful as well as all students who helped in diverse ways. Several faculty members also encouraged the students in this endeavour and our thanks also go to them.


Participation in the Robin Hood Campaign


71% participation

Amount raised: €36,371


73% participation

Amount raised: €20,913


“Working for an NGO in Uzbekistan, I saw many people without access to proper healthcare or medicine. The experience made me envision a technical advancement that connects people from the most remote regions to high-quality healthcare. As a leader in the healthcare ecosystem, I want to contribute to greater healthcare accessibility for all. This scholarship enables me to continue my dream of spreading positive change.”

Yaesong Jung MBA’18J, South Korea
Christina Law MBA’91D Endowed Scholarship for Asian women

“As a development consultant from a modest family, this scholarship is extremely meaningful to me. It will help me to focus on my dream career in international development without worrying about accumulating huge debt. I feel truly privileged to be part of the ‘Emerging Country Leaders’ community and am motivated to endorse the tradition of supporting talented young leaders who want to use their education and experiences to make this world a better place.”

Sachi Agarwal MBA’18J, India
Syngenta Endowed Scholarship for Emerging Country Leadership

“Traditionally, families from Latin America have considered a woman’s place to be primarily in the home, and have actively discouraged women from going out to work or being independent. However, this belief is finally changing. With my MBA degree from INSEAD, I hope to encourage and inspire women, and contribute to the increasing equality for our gender. INSEAD will be a transformative part of this journey and I thank you most sincerely for this amazing opportunity.”

Talia Bellido MBA’18J, Peru
INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF) Women Scholarship

“Although my name may sound as if the Queen of England handpicked it herself, I am a black African. I belong to the “coloured” race, a group that has made the least educational and economic progress in the post-Apartheid era. My family has endured many challenges, but I have much to be grateful for. Thousands of talented youngsters have not had the opportunities I had. I will use this chance to help improve the lives of other South Africans.”

Earl Woodenberg MBA’18J, South Africa
Pot Family Foundation Scholarship

“Working in business development often means facing unavoidable risk, volatility, and uncertainty. My experience in adventure travel has taught me about facing such challenges. A product launch, new market entry, or setting up operations are so close to the ideas of exploration and expedition, that I often find myself thinking, in times of stress: If I was able to build a hut in the desert, I can surely do this!”

Matteo Serenari MBA’18J, Italy
MBA’80 Endowed Scholarship for Europe