Peter Zemsky
Deputy Dean, Dean of Innovation
Nida Januskis
Associate Dean, Advancement

Dear Donors,

In our new roles with Advancement, we are honoured to serve INSEAD by creating bridges between our unique school and one of the most vibrant, influential and committed communities in the world.

This year, we commemorate the first women who joined our MBA programme 50 years ago by celebrating the achievements of our alumnae. With a special series of events, titled iW50, we are reminded not only of how societies evolve but of our role and responsibilities in their future progress. INSEAD’s mission to develop tomorrow’s global leaders – women and men – who align the goals of business and society has never been stronger.

Our innovative and expanding portfolio of programmes, initiatives and educational offerings prepare our participants to lead in a world that is dramatically changing. With globalisation and technology fundamentally altering the way we work, the emphasis now is on an education that fosters responsibility, creativity, open-mindedness, and entrepreneurism.

As donors to INSEAD, you help us to shape this future. We join the Dean, faculty, students and staff in thanking you for your valuable support in this mission. In 2016/2017, your generosity set new records: €33.6 million in collective gifts and pledges; the highest amount contributed to the Dean’s Annual Fund; exceptional investments in INSEAD’s faculty, research and scholarships. And the effect of your gifts is clear in the energy and enthusiasm across our campuses.

Beyond this tangible impact, your support for our outreach programmes – from the Salamander Challenge and the INSEAD Giving Day to the global forums and events – invigorates the school’s relationship with its wider family. We owe these successes to members of the INSEAD Alumni Fund, the National Associations and volunteers who gave their time, hosted events and inspired us with their commitment to the school. Thank you!

At the inaugural scholarship dinner in June last year, a student spoke movingly of the ‘power of opportunity’ and how it transforms lives. In the months ahead, we invite you to engage with Dean Mihov and the school to provide more opportunities – for women to influence tomorrow’s business world, for faculty to discover new models that serve both business and society and for students to advance their entrepreneurial, innovative projects. In magnifying these opportunities, we will develop INSEAD to be the force for a better world. In that joint and exciting enterprise, we look forward to engaging with you.