Ilian Mihov

Dear Donors,

More than ever, we are conscious that INSEAD, with its distinctive values, mission and extraordinary global community is uniquely placed to promote social and economic progress, while serving the world as a force for good.

As donors, you provide us with the power to deliver on this vision. We are deeply proud of your trust and highly value your engagement with the school. In 2016/2017, your collective gifts and pledges — reaching a record high of €33.6 million — transformed the school in several key areas.

Entrepreneurship, the engine for economic growth, received an investment of €12.5 million. Rudolf and Valeria Maag’s towering support for academic excellence in Entrepreneurship, heightened by Francesco Loredan and Kurt Björklund’s significant gifts, raises our research and teaching capabilities to new levels that will impact generations of future entrepreneurs. The Centre for the Study of Wealth Inequality, established by James and Cathleen Stone, enables us to pursue a global challenge closely aligned with our own mission of advancing business as a force for good. And the Sauvage family’s encouraging leadership gift honours our exceptional faculty who are at the core of our mission.

Your gifts towards scholarships allowed the school to invest €7 million in talented men and women with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds from around the world to study at INSEAD. In 2013, when I started my mandate as the Dean, we had 64 scholarships in our portfolio. Today, there are 96, and as you significantly invested in scholarships last year, this number will again increase in the near future. Thanks to the commitment of many alumni — including Norbert and Henriette Albin, who made a particularly generous gift — we continue to ensure a learning environment of matchless diversity that develops tolerant and inclusive leaders.

Your gifts to the Dean’s Annual Fund provided us with invaluable resources to realise innovative student and faculty projects that will further business and social improvements. And your individual and collective investments in setting up our pioneering facility in San Francisco will help us to anchor the school’s activities in the world’s leading high-tech region while expanding our brand in the US.

As you will agree, philanthropy is increasingly important to INSEAD’s future. I am therefore delighted that Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean, and Nida Januskis, Associate Dean of Advancement, bring their experience, expertise and enthusiasm to advance the school’s engagement with its key communities.

At this inflection point in our school’s history, we will be defined by what we build. We must develop INSEAD to create those transformational dynamics that will help tomorrow’s leaders to build a just, sustainable and prosperous world. In the journey towards that vision, I invite your continued support.