Emma Goltz MBA’98J
Chair, INSEAD Alumni Fund

Dear Friends,

We are at a momentous time in the history of our school. As INSEAD affirms its leadership role, it is greatly uplifting to see more and more alumni supporting and engaging with the school.

Alumni donors are increasing steadily in numbers: in 2016/2017 the school recorded 300 more donors than the previous year! I was fortunate to witness firsthand the powerful impact of your gifts. At INSEAD’s inaugural scholarship dinner in June, I was deeply moved and energised as I listened to students describe how your scholarships had changed their lives.

This year, INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF) volunteers and fellow alumni across continents organised fundraising events in diverse geographies that produced tangible and great outcomes: the inaugural INSEAD Giving Day results; the creation of an MBA scholarship for Swiss students; and the strengthening of the Canadian endowed scholarship.

Equally, alumni engagement with the school is gaining momentum. It is wonderful to see more young alumni reconnecting with the school and the growing number of ambassadors who are so genuinely and enthusiastically sharing with their peers the importance of remaining close to, and supporting, the school. In addition, it is great to see many more alumni attending reunions, conferences and events organised by the school.

A central element behind these accomplishments was the collaboration between the IAF and the INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA), led by Sadia Khan MBA’95D. The Salamander Challenge and the INSEAD Giving Day demonstrated the success we can achieve when we work together, while also having fun!

In moving ahead, we will continue to build stronger links among the IAF, the IAA, the National Alumni Associations (NAAs) and the school. We will also strengthen the IAF volunteer structure to help create an even stronger culture of giving across our alumni community.

These are exciting times, and we, as alumni, have an increasingly important role to play in supporting Dean Ilian Mihov’s goal to build INSEAD as a leader in shaping business as a force for good. In this collective effort, every participation, every amount counts.

With sincere thanks for your continued support.