Collectively you gave: €20,784,556

INSEAD’s leading capabilities in research and teaching are fundamental to our being one of the world’s finest business schools. 2016/2017 was a record year for major gifts to academic excellence.

“We would like to thank James and Cathleen Stone for their generosity. The two-fold mission of the Centre is aligned with INSEAD’s belief that business is a force for good. Through our research and teaching, we look forward to cultivating responsible future leaders who can positively impact societies and hope we are one step closer to resolving one of the greatest challenges faced by the world today.”

Mark Stabile
Professor of Economics, The Stone Chaired Professor in Wealth Inequality

“In research and education, we work to improve the future — and we measure the success of our work not by its immediate effect but by its lasting impact. A Chair in Entrepreneurship is an obligation to help grow knowledge, grow minds and grow the economy. Among the many kinds of recognition I have received in my career, holding the Rudolf and Valeria Maag Chair of Entrepreneurship is a great honour especially as it comes from a donor who embodies entrepreneurial success and value creation.”

Henrich Greve
The Rudolf and Valeria Maag Chaired Professor in Entrepreneurship

“My research examines how fast-changing and complex institutional environments in emerging markets — particularly China — shape entrepreneurship and family firms. Entrepreneurs need to know how to cope with this complexity in order to grow their businesses. With the research funding provided by the Rudolf and Valeria Maag Professorship in Entrepreneurship, I will focus on research that makes a meaningful contribution to my field and helps INSEAD students build stronger businesses in emerging markets. I am very grateful to Rudolf and Valeria Maag for their generous gift.”

Xiaowei Rose Luo
The Rudolf and Valeria Maag Professor in Entrepreneurship

“As a doctoral student at INSEAD, I study market formation and entrepreneurial dynamics in online contexts, examining how the ‘next big thing’ emerges from massively decentralised social interactions. Receiving the Rudolf and Valeria Maag Scholarship means the world to me, not only because it is helping me (and my research) financially but also because it is a true badge of honour which I will proudly carry with me for the remainder of my academic career. I will always remember the entrepreneurial spirit and generosity that are so integral to the INSEAD experience — and I will strive for excellence in my research so that I can give back to the world in meaningful ways.”

Sorah Seong
Recipient of the Rudolf and Valeria Maag PhD Scholarship in Entrepreneurship